You received an email from a recruiter asking if you are available for a role and you showed interest and responded asking for more information but haven’t received a response for more than a week now.

Definitely yes!

Recruiters probably get in touch with 100-200 candidates and your responses get drowned to the bottom of their inbox. It is busy towards the end of the year. A ton of interviews and offers are finalized these couple of weeks. Follow up with your recruiter as much as you can, it is not like they’re your hiring managers. Send a follow-up email, saying...

Hello _Name_,

I’m sure you’re super busy, but would still love to connect even if this position is not available! Leaving below a few time slots for you to choose from, please do let me know the schedule of our call at your convenience. Also, attaching a copy of my resume to this email.

Date & Time - Option 1
Date & Time - Option 2

Looking forward to your call!

If no response, try different channels like LinkedIn or try calling their office. Generally contacting their office works and they can at least associate you with one of their recruiters, even though it's not him/her.

A good recruiter always tells you what happens after you follow up, but frankly, they may just ghost you.


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