Stay clear  

Not everyone knows everything. Some claim to know 10-20 different tools/skills.

How many of those are you really an expert in?


There’s no shame in saying you don’t know what you don’t know. You are good at a few things, comfortable with few more things, interested in some more & have no clue on the rest. That is absolutely fine. Because very rarely will you find a job that needs all those 20 skills mentioned at an expert level. Even if you do find one that need expertise in 20 skills, you are better off without it because there’s a high chance that your potential employer doesn't have a clue of what you are supposedly doing.

While explaining your work, keep it short & simple. Elaborate further only when you are specifically requested to do so.

Stay confident

In addition to the clarity that you can provide on your skill set, be confident that you can get the job done & that you are THE one for that job. Make sure you don’t go over board and show over confidence by arguing that yours is the only highway.

Be receptive to new ideas, opinions; empathetic towards your potential colleagues.

By mentioning 20 different things, you won’t get the job, demonstrate how & where you have used them.

Stay true

Never mention something in your resume, that you are unsure about. It won’t be a good place to sit at that interview where you will be asked about it.

Doing our part to cut down throwaway coffee cups.  We’re Melbournians, coffee is life.

Or worse, you are hired and you don’t have a clue of how to do your job.

So, you are doing yourself a favor & giving yourself a high chance of satisfaction, when you are staying true.