Work from home can be a very interesting experience. There are many distractions and can be difficult to get into the work mode to finish your tasks.

Anything that is happening in the world will make it difficult to focus especially while we are all socially distancing and working from home. It's really hard to even start to do tasks and end up procrastinating for far too long.  

Pomodoro Technique is the way to keep yourself productive and avoid procrastinating. This is a simple time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 80s.  Some of you may know this but given the setting in which many of us operate, the concept of using short producing bursts and frequent intervals was just what we needed.

Pomodoro Technique can be achieved in a simple process:

  • Choose your task
  • Use a timer to set the Pomodoro to 25minutes
  • Work on the tasks till the Pomodoro rings
  • When the timer rings, you are now eligible for a short 5minute break
  • Once you complete 4 Pomodoros, take a longer break of about 15-30minutes

The goal of this technique is to reduce the external interruptions and focus on the flow. The preparation, monitoring, recording, processing, and visualization phases are central to the system. In the planning phase to-do, today tasks are recorded and prioritized to enable you to estimate the effort each task requires. As they are completed they are recorded, leading to a sense of achievement and providing raw data for subsequent self-observation and development.


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