Job search is an integral part of any professional’s career pursuits. We are all on the lookout for the dream opportunities that hold the key to happiness and prosperity, aren’t we? It’s a quest or a better career, better economic prospects, and of course, a better life. It is thus extremely important to stay alert and vigilant to new opportunities, welcoming them with open arms when they knock your door.

However, there are several right ways to undertake your job search. It’s a complex process that has many factors and variables. That said, you can certainly optimize the job search process by keeping certain tips and tricks in mind and using certain tools that can help streamline the process from start to finish.


This is an often forgotten aspect when it comes to job search. There are millions of jobs out there and it can be quite a task selecting one. You might end up applying to jobs in a chaotic fashion which is likely to yield little results. We seldom realize that we miss noticing the relevance of a job to us at that point in our career when we apply.

If you’re wondering what exactly is this relevance we are so strongly emphasizing, it’s simply how appropriate the job is to your skill set and career path. Not all jobs that you see will be relevant to you, as you will eventually come to understand. Choosing the right jobs at the right time is a sure shot recipe to success.

However, while this seems easy as pie on the surface, it’s much more complex when you look deeper. It is extremely difficult to ascertain the relevance of a job— there are so many forces and factors at play. It’s an incredibly complex equation that balances your talents, expertise, past work, and skills against the new role, desired skills, and commitments. Top it all with the financial dynamics of the job at hand and you get an intricate mathematical puzzle!

Harness The Power of Technology: Search Smarter, Not Harder

This is where technology comes to your rescue. Modern technological tools using machine learning and artificial intelligence are increasingly adapting to complex environments and they serve the job search ecosystem brilliantly too.

Machine learning algorithms can quickly learn from your choices and strive to achieve a fine balance between your skills and the ideal job that matches your interests and talents. It constantly learns and adapts itself like your very own, personalized, top-notch consultant who will leave no stone unturned to find you the right opportunities.

Platforms such as Radicalist harness technology to compute relevance scores for every job. This means you can see how well a job fits your profile even before you consider applying. This is an extremely powerful tool indeed— one, that can make a huge difference to your career. Relevance computation helps you search smarter, not harder.

Establish Connections

It is also a great idea to tap into your existing connections. Use social media platforms to reach out to the people in your circles and never hesitate to ask for a helping hand. We’ve all been there at some point in time, after all. Participate in networking lunches and meet business leaders and visionaries in your industry.

Victory Weekend

It is also a great idea to reach out to your fellow alumnus. Professional associations too can help you get important leads.  

Reach out to recruiters and ask them what makes certain profiles more preferable over the others. Look out for the industry trends and see what you can learn to stay constantly up-to-date on what’s happening around you.


Job search has several dimensions and there are several ways you can go about chasing your dream opportunities. The ideal route to a successful job is to know what’s important and select what might be the most relevant opportunities for you at a particular point in time. The use of technological tools can help you strive in the right direction with focused efforts for greater chances of success.

It is also critical to leverage your networks to stay on top of the game. Reach out to the right people and discuss your profile and talents.