How to write a CV that passes automated screening & capture HR’s attention?

Well, one personal marketing coach during his talk mentioned that in a CV / social media, one should explain more about how the work you are doing is bringing value to your employer. This might be an interesting read for higher management.

But when it comes to HR & technical manager / Lead, do they really care if you are doing value delivering work or if you are skilled enough to do the job?

Now, as you might have already guessed it… Yes, they want to see it all and in just one page!

Huh!! let me save you some time & tell you to not even bother going down that road 😊

Rather than covering everything, highlight the business value of your work and mention the skills that helped you deliver. Sounds easy? --- It can be!

So, let’s start by figuring out business value of your work.

Think of, why is someone paying you to do what you were doing and how is it changing anything around your employer’s business. Now describe this in one or two sentences.

As to mentioning your skills, instead of just naming them, describe what part was solved/implemented using a skill. Keep the total sentences needed to mention your skills to a maximum of 3.

Now by just following the couple of points made above for each project you have worked on, you will be able to pass the automatic keywords check and attract HR / technical manager’s attention. It will give you a real chance of getting one-step closer to that much sought after job.

All the very best & go rad!

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