We’ve all been there at some point or the other in our life. Job titles and roles are, without a doubt, milestones in our career. However, should these be the sole career goal or should you be looking out for something even more important than that prized job title?

Do Titles Matter As Much As You Think They Do?

Let’s face it: titles do matter. That job title you’ve been waiting to see yourself step into can help streamline your efforts in that direction. You might envision yourself as the CEO of an organization a few years from now. There’s nothing wrong in that!

However, more often than not, people become mechanical beings obsessed with nothing but job titles. Believe it or not, this is not the best approach to career goals. What matters, even more, is to excel at what you do and hone your skills.

Think Outside The Box

Excel At What You Do

Your real aim should be to work on your talents and skills: sharpen and fine-tune them. Keep working on excelling at what you do and do what you love so you can love what you do! Sounds complex? Well, it really isn’t!

The importance of getting better with your skill set cannot be overemphasized. You might be the CEO or a mid-level company executive but if you are not really confident with your skills and talents, sooner or later you’ll find yourself in a state of deadlock.

Whatever you do, make it a point to learn and expand your skills. We never stop learning really— there’s always something that can be done to get better in what we do best!

Platforms such as Radicalist focus on exactly that: they will help you define your skills clearly and harness technology to discover the best job opportunities that match them closely. This can result in greater overall satisfaction levels.

It’s All About Passion

As someone rightly said, it’s all about passion. If you aren’t passionate about your job deep down inside, you will know you aren’t meant to be here. The job title might be enticing but if you do not like the work you do, what’s the point? Progress can only be made when you are true to your talents and to yourself!

Work on increasing your capabilities rather than remaining fixated on job titles. If you follow the latter approach, it won’t be long before you will begin feeling a sense of dissatisfaction.

Skater of New York

A sense of profound fulfillment belongs to those who know their calling. Agreed, the world isn’t fair and there are lots of complexities that can unbalance the equation. Financial responsibilities and hurdles can factor in. However, keep your passion in sight no matter what you do and work, one step at a time, to make your vision a reality. It’s your vision, after all!


People often make the mistake of getting too caught up with job titles and roles. A professional, like an artist, must seek passion and excellence, working on their skills and getting better at their talents. It is only through excellence that long-term success and satisfaction can be attained.