The importance of a well-crafted resume is unquestionable. Your resume conveys the very first impression of your profile, talents, and skills to your prospective employer. A quick glance at your CV and your employer knows a lot about who you are, how beneficial you can be for the role at hand, and what experience you bring to the table. While there’s little you can do to change your work profile when applying, you can certainly consider looking at the way you present your information, for that has a lasting impact on the job application process.

The Ideal Resume

Let’s first understand the characteristics of an ideal resume that is likely to strike a chord with the target employers. So, where do you begin? Layout. This is one of the most important aspects of any resume. It is often the first thing that will be noted when someone looks at your resume.

No one likes going through a resume that is poorly formatted and difficult on the eye. A resume that simply flows across without using gigantic walls of text is preferred— it’s best to use bullet points and follow consistency in fonts and formatting.

Brainstorming over paper

However, it’s much easier said than done! Not all of us have the time or the expertise to craft a beautiful and easy to understand resume. What’s the way out then? How can you create a professional resume without having to master the nuances of formatting, layout design, and graphics?

Using Resume Templates

It couldn’t be easier! Resume templates make it super easy for anyone to get started with creating a beautiful and professional-looking resume in minimal time.

Of course, you need to enter the information about your specific experience and qualifications. However, the task of formatting and layout things and sections in a visually appealing way is taken care of by a pre-built, ready to use design where everything has already been done for you.

All you need to do is to select a resume template that you like and that seems appropriate for your industry type. Resume templates come in a variety of form factors and it is important to spend some time considering which one will serve your needs the best possible way.

Common Resume Formats

There are thousands of resume formats out there. First and foremost are the traditional layouts that have been used for decades. These are great options to consider being tried and tested for quite a while now. You simply can’t go wrong with these traditional resume designs. Resumes certainly do not need to be fancy, after all

The next type includes modern designs which as skill-based resumes which lay more emphasis on your skills and what you can do. These show how you can prove to be an asset for a company. The emphasis is not so much on your past work and profiles. This resume format type might be ideal for those whose previous work was in a different field, for instance.

Colored resumes are also worth considering. These use colors subtly in the form of logos and colored fonts. It might also be a great idea to consider the color scheme of the company and the job you are applying to and using it in your resume. This will subtly convey how prepared you are for the task at hand and that you’ll be the best choice for the role.

Less is More

You might have heard this phrase often but it is critical when it comes to creating a resume. No one has the time to go through an encyclopedic resume which comes down to the minutest details. This is not to say details don’t matter but knowing what to insert and what not in your CV can make a huge difference.

Remember the 3 C’s: it’s important for you to be concise, crisp, and clear when drafting your resume. The best resume template will still fail you if you do not pay enough attention to the content you insert in your profile.


Using resume templates is the fastest way to create a professional resume in minimal time. These not only save time but also create a great first impression. Remember to use the right template based on the job profile you’re applying to. Study the color schemes of the target company and see what you can do to grab their attention. Never copy-paste things from ready to use resume: your strengths and skills need to be as unique as you truly are.

Using a professional resume builder service such Radicalist is a great way to get started with building a great resume when applying for your dream job. It’s free to use, features nearly 70 ready to use designs, and is powered by Artificial Intelligence to make your job search seamless.