Choosing a career path, making a career decision, and selecting a college major are critical choices. They demand a high-quality decision-making process.

According to Dr. Jon Tam, a renowned sociologist from the University of Oxford, these are the four essential questions you need to take.

What is the new normal?

Studies show each person throughout their lifetime will have 12 to 15 careers. Creating a mindset towards adapting to constant change is the new norm that means self-awareness is your crucial tool. Explore what makes you happy or what ticks you the most or your personality likes because these are the common threads you find throughout different careers.

What do you need?

What are you like as a unique individual? This comes down to your personality. What is your personality? Understand your personality by exploring the acronym OCEAN.

  • Openness to experience
  • Conscientiousness to stay focused on a single task or flexible towards multitasking
  • Extroversion or are you an introvert
  • Agreeableness is whether you love to put your plan or your group's agenda first
  • Neuroticism is your need for stability; if lower, you can handle stress & volatility

What are your values?

Values majorly drive millennials. Knowing what you naturally gravitate towards gives you a good sense of your values. Constantly keep track by categorizing them under non-negotiable, preferable, and bonuses as values keep changing over time with changes in your priorities. Predict the change in your priorities and work towards them.

What are your current skills?

Explore all the current skills you possess. What things are you good at? What are the things you want to develop? What makes you happy? And these will direct you to what's good for you. The best indicator for knowing your skills is what gets you in a state of flow. Flow is what gives you the most satisfaction. Money has a threshold, but what increases happiness is continually being in the state of flow and being in something that makes you happy.

Once you have answers to these questions, the next steps would be doing #CareerResearch, drafting a #CareerStatement, and preparing an #ActionPlan


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