The growth of incorporating Artificial Intelligence in every industry has been gradually expanding. Today several HR processes benefit from AI integration. The great lockdown led to redefining business continuity plans, putting HR leaders in the spotlight. To lead change it is vital to keep an eye on the AI HR Trends to ensure better future planning while keeping your team up to date with requisite resources.

  1. AI-based recruitment to eliminate potential bias and build inclusivity.
  2. Human & AI collaboration for better decision making.
  3. AI as a valued partner rather than a threat.
  4. Omnichannel collaborative tools to enable better teamwork.
  5. Predictive HCM tools powered by behavioral analysis for effective processes.
  6. On-demand AI-enabled platforms to enable remote work.
  7. Chatbots are changing the way HRs interact with employees and candidates.
  8. HRMS tools driven by data for greater transparency and increased accountability.
  9. Interactive AI-enabled LMS to improve the learner experience.
  10. AI-driven processes to offer the best employee experience.
  11. Data backed decisions to enable competency mapping, succession planning, and career pathing.
  12. AI-enabled gamification in training environments to enter mainstream learning modules and assessment structures.
  13. Super jobs putting together the best of human skills and AI abilities for seamless human-AI collaboration
  14. AI tech enabling remote work to be even more remote.


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