We are all part of work clusters where we have a shift for eight hours but work for eleven long hours a day to meet the deadlines. While keeping up with these deadlines everyday, once in a while we can be late to office but if the manager doesn’t understand or accept it. The work relationship deteriorates.

We have to accept the fact that we sometimes be late to office and need a few reasons or excuses to tell to our manager which he has to accept. Here we are some funny excuses which can be said to managers who never gets off your back.


1)There is a CM convoy and the traffic was blocked for half hour.

2)I am coming to office by bicycle with our company flag - promoting our company’s Eco-friendly lifestyle.

3)I was so used to work for on-site timings, I forgot the actual office hours.

4)Today my astrology sign says - If I start before 8:30 it would affect the progress of our company.

5)I was stuck in lift when power was cut.

6)I went for donating blood.

7)My office shirt was stuck in washing machine and had to manually remove it.

8) I mistakenly went to my previous company where I worked for the last four years.

9) I was helping traffic police on the road to keep in order the unusual heavy traffic.

10)I was attending a special police drill in my area which is mandatory for everyone to participate.

Eventually everything hits the bottom, and all you have to do is wait until someone comes along, and turns it back again. ⌛️

Jokes apart its always best to be on time to office and leave office on time and maintain a balance between professional life and personal life. With this balance one can expect the best results in work also.

Humor aside, as much as we try to be on time for work. Some situations aren’t avoidable or we need some extra cool off time. No matter the situation, honesty in reasoning helps keep us functioning & focusing on what’s truly important – getting the job done.